About The Monkey Jabber GPS Smartwatch

Worried about something happening inside your safety zone? Monkey Jabber’s got that covered. There’s an SOS feature that allows kids to instantly alert parents while simultaneously initiating a voice dialogue. Your 6-year-old girl is awesome on the monkey bars, but this time she fell on her ankle just as you stepped away to refill a water bottle. She needs immediate attention, but it might take a while to hear her cries above the park noise, not to mention you might have to deal with a judgy parent when you finally reach her. Wouldn’t you rather just hear a clear alert sound followed by your daughter’s voice telling you in real time what happened?

And by the way, if the watch took the brunt of her fall, you can rest assured it will still be ‘ticking.’ The devices are scratchproof, durable and built for rough play. Your kids can’t resist plunging their arms into the fountain at the mall to get loose change? Don’t worry, the watches are also waterproof!

When Moshinsky first went to buy a wearable tracking device for his sons, he didn’t find what he was looking for. “I was shocked at the cheap quality of the options on the market. One device broke while I was setting it up! Then another one took forever to figure out because the instructions were so badly translated and the pictures made no sense. It kept showing the original location as China!” Moshinsky notes that he’s in the tech business, so if he couldn’t figure it out, what chance did non-tech people have? “The tech support was a joke with an e-mail address to China. It felt like forever to get responses and when they did reply it was very short, in terrible English, and not helpful.”

Moshinsky also found that many of the devices advertised 3G service, but often only with the CDMA network, which has largely shut down in the USA and Canada. That’s why he made GSM 3G technology a top priority. He also focused on battery life, since that was severely lacking in the devices he saw available. The Monkey Jabber battery life has been optimized to ensure that the talking and tracking features use battery life in the most efficient way possible and that the overall life is very long-lasting. For the tracking capabilities, they use state of the art icloud technology with 4G GPS tracking, complete with instructions that an 8-year old could figure out. In fact, let’s face it; it will probably be your 8-year-old who sets it up.

Moshinsky and his partner consulted with lots of kids in designing the device, which is why it has the extra cool built-in feature of being able to talk to other Monkey Jabber pals via walkie-talkie, and in groups. Hello, playground cred! So kids can play as rough as they want, and the watch will endure all the scrapes, scratches, bumps, hits and water play adventures along the way. Meanwhile, grown-ups will be glad to know cyber-security is being provided by IOTA securities, and the monthly tracking fee is very low.

Parents are getting super-excited about Monkey Jabber, and it’s at the prototype stage now! The parent creators are gearing up for a crowd-funding campaign that launches in early November, and they want parents to get involved at the ground floor. Sign up to get early notification when the product is ready, and an opportunity to buy the watch at 40% off the retail price! Signing up with Monkey Jabber now means you’ll get a first-hand view of how the watch gets developed this fall, regular updates, and video demonstrations, not to mention a draw for one of five free watches! There’s also a draw for cool T-shirts and stickers (they’ll contact you for the right T-shirt size if you win) and you can expect a Monkey Jabber in your hands by mid-2018!

“Amusement parks, supermarkets, and public spaces should not instill fear in parents,” Moshinsky says. “With today’s tech advances, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to easily track our kids and get to be the fun, easy-going parents we want to be.” We all want to teach our kids to be independent, but not at the expense of another gut-wrenching reality show version of hide and seek. So…. A GPS enabled walkie-talkie watch that provides safety for parents while allowing kids to have fun? Yes, please!