5 Reasons The Jabber Is The Best Device To Have When Your
Child Goes Missing !!!

There is nothing more terrifying than losing your child in a public place. Every parent has experienced that stomach-dropping feeling at the mall or an event, when they glance over at their child, only to see that they’re gone! Looking around in a panic, you get that awful, sudden realization that you’ve made no safety plan with your child, and you have no idea how to begin searching for them. You can’t sugar coat the seriousness of this dilemma when 500,000 kids go missing every year. You need a child-tracking device.

But which one? There are plenty on the market, but only one that has the superior features you’ll need when the moment actually happens. Monkey Jabber is fast becoming the number one product in this space, and with good reason. It puts your fears to rest because it’s made with you and your family in mind, developed by a dad who invented it to keep his own sons safe. Here are five reasons Monkey Jabber is the best:

1. Superior GPS Capabilities

Wherever you have cellphone range, you will be able to track your child within 5 meters, or about 16 feet, period. Many devices advertise 3G service, but actually use the CDMA network that has largely shut down in North America. Monkey Jabber has state of the art icloud technology with GSM 4G GPS tracking. It was developed by tech industry professionals who made the GPS capability their top priority. After all, what is the point of a tracking device that can’t track? It sounds like a no-brainer, but Jacob Moshinsky, founder of Monkey Jabber, was shocked to discover the failure of this basic function in the trackers he bought before inventing his own. It only makes sense to have the absolute best possible GPS tracking capabilities. You set the parameters of your child’s area at the mall or amusement park, and get an instant notification on your phone if they move past the limit.

2. Perimeter Setting Capabilities

You get to set your child’s boundaries, whether you want them to stay inside the sandbox, playground, park or an entire shopping mall. The pinpoint precision of Monkey Jabber’s high-tech GPS capabilities gives you the ultimate peace of mind by determining their range, and allowing you to find them instantly within about 16 feet. Toddlers require a short leash, as any parent knows, but with this watch, you don’t literally need one! If they step outside the play area, you’ll immediately get a notification. Your 9 year old ‘tween’, on the other hand, might be okay to head over to the mall bathroom on her own, but you definitely want to know if she wanders way off into the cinema area. You set your parameters accordingly. Custom boundaries for each separate device means you can give each child their own roaming range, according to age and responsibility, all controlled on your phone app.

3. Walkie-Talkie Communication

Monkey Jabber lets you talk to your child anytime for a quick check-in to see how they’re doing, or if they need help. Family networks can be set up too, so that grandparents or other caretakers can be in on the secure channel with your child, increasing their safety further. This is the perfect feature for parents of kids between the ages of five to twelve, who aren’t ready to buy their children a cell phone plan, but would like to be able to communicate with them easily. And let’s not forget the cool factor of being able to walkie-talkie with your friends in the playground! Any two Monkey Jabber kids can ‘radio’ each other just for fun.

4. SOS Emergency Feature

A special alert button allows kids to notify you instantly if there’s an emergency. Let’s say your young child fell off the monkey bars and hurt his arm, or an older child feels scared in a situation at the mall. You get the SOS notification and can immediately run to their assistance from wherever you are. The SOS feature also launches a two-way conversation so that your child can tell you what’s happening in real time.

5. Long Battery Life

Monkey Jabber operates for 24 hours at a time with regular use, and up to 3 days if you’re not using it much. Other watches run out in under 12 hours, which is ridiculously unhelpful. Who is going to remember to charge a kids’ device half way through the day? Certainly not the child! Parents need that full day-long period to get safely to the point where they are back at home in their routine, plugging in their own phone and their child’s device at the same time. The phone and watch work together, so they should have similar battery lives.

There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect parent’ who never loses sight of their child. It happens to everyone. The only question is, what are you doing to solve the problem? With all these superior features and safety functions, Monkey Jabber is simply the best tracker on the market. It’s wearable peace of mind!

What Beta-Tested Parents Are Saying ...

“I absolutely love the Jabber watch, it is the perfect product for my kids. I have 3 kids and you always want to keep track of them. With the Jabber I can, right on my Smartphone. They can interact with their friends with the walkie-talkie feature and they can contact me right away if they need help ...”

Marc W.

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