The Jabber GPS Walkie-Talkie Tracking Smartwatch For Kids

Finally, A Child Safety Device That Gives You The Peace Of Mind To Knowing Exactly Where Your Child Is When They Go Missing !!!

Afraid Of Losing Your Kid At The Mall ?

We have a solution for you ...

When single dad Jacob Moshinsky lost track of his 7-year-old son, he was terrified.

He had run off to the washroom, but then didn’t come back,” Moshinsky says. “I panicked. I was scared and felt completely helpless, asking strangers, security, anyone who would listen if they’d seen him…”

Ask any parent and they’ve got a version of this horrifying story, a moment where they got distracted for just a second or two and their child disappeared into thin air. Moms and dads alike describe that stomach-churning, sickening eternity as they take the steps to find their child, hearts in their throats wondering where to look first, and of course, always imagining the worst. And you can't blame them, with reports of approximately 500,000 kids reported missing in the United States each year.

But what if there were a kid-friendly solution that could eliminate this problem? That’s the question Moshinsky asked himself the moment after he’d found his son and given him the biggest bear hug of his young life. Being a tech entrepreneur, Moshinsky had a head start on figuring this out, and he was driven to make sure every parent had the opportunity to benefit from his invention. The result: Monkey Jabber.

Monkey Jabber is a GPS Kid tracker smart wristwatch that provides easy to use communication between parents and their kids. It was developed for ages five to twelve, kids who are old enough to use (and love!) a tech device, but young enough to not yet be on the family’s cell phone plan. Kids can communicate freely with their parents’ smartphones, and their parents can relax knowing that not only will an alarm notify them when the child is moving too far away from their comfort zone, but they can simply ‘radio’ them at any time. There’s also an SOS alarm in case the child experiences any kind of emergency. It’s wearable peace of mind.


Keeping kids safe one watch at a time ...

The Jabber – our kids smart watch – works on 3G mobile networks, allowing for practically unlimited coverage.  No need to pair with a cellphone or Bluetooth connection or search for a WiFi connection as it works practically everywhere. Imagine your 7-year old encounters a Ninja warrior at the playground while you're distracted chatting with other parents. Your kid's new friend suggests to him they go back to the Ninja house to play with some new warriors and tells him it's right across the street. Unfortunately this happens more than we'd like but, with the Jabber's GPS and its Safe Zone feature, you're immediately alerted on your phone. You open the alert and instantly see your little spy fighter taking a step too far – this is one of the greatness of the Jabber. As a parent, you're immediately alerted.
There are s many GPS tracker watch for children, but the Jabber is unique in the sense that your child can never get lost wearing it

Mobile App Features (iOS / Android)

GPS Watch

Product Timeline

  • Research Begins
  • Development Starts
  • Accepted into YEDi Business Incubator
  • Prototype Readiness
  • Readiness of Prototype
  • Pre-launch via Crowdfunding
  • Product Launch & Manufacturing Begins
  • First Shippment
Product Timeline

What Beta-Tested Parents Are Saying ...

“I absolutely love the Jabber watch, it is the perfect product for my kids. I have 3 kids and you always want to keep track of them. With the Jabber I can, right on my Smartphone. They can interact with their friends with the walkie-talkie feature and they can contact me right away if they need help ...”

Marc W.

Don’t Take Our Word For It


Meet The Monkey Jabber Team

Jacob Moshinsky
Jacob Moshinsky

CEO/Visionary, Monkey Jabber

Yaron Varona (Advisor)
Yaron Varona (Advisor)

CEO, IOTA Security

Dan Abitbol (Advisor)
Dan Abitbol (Advisor)

CTO, ListenApp

Meet The Monkey Jabber Team
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